Bitumen Liquid Membrane
Main types of bitumen membrane waterproofing solution!

A bitumen liquid membrane is a petroleum product that is either semi-solid or solid. It has great waterproofing properties and is commonly used to waterproof roofs, basements, bridges, and other below-ground constructions. Knowing which membrane will work best with your present configuration is critical for getting the most out of your waterproofing system.

  1. Self-Adhesive Bituminous Membranes: These items are built to survive the environment and are typically covered in a surface material comprised of mineral granules, films, coatings, and other surfacing materials. Even at low temperatures, they are noted for having excellent adhesive qualities. The major benefits of self-adhesive Bituminous membranes are that they don't require a torch or other specific equipment, making them ideal for use in tiny, flammable environments such as food.
  2. Polymer-Modified Bitumen Membrane: When it comes to adding a waterproofing layer to a surface, the polymer-modified bitumen membrane is the most preferred option. This product has a higher flow resistance, allowing it to be utilized in hotter regions. They come in the form of roll-fed sheet membranes that can endure temperature changes, making them dependable and efficient. This product is available as a water-based or solvent-based coating that does not require the use of a torch or flame to apply.
  3. Bituminous Membrane:Because bituminous membranes must be laid in cold conditions, they are best installed in the winter. It's a liquid bituminous rubber blend waterproofing method that's suitable for roofing or a podium deck. Because this product does not require the use of a torch, the installation method is both safe and quick. It's a completely bonded seamless system with the potential to bridge cracks.
  4. Polypropylene Membrane: This product is available in roll form and is made of the waterproofing substance bitumen. It is most typically used on concrete flat roofs since it is very efficient and long-lasting. Concrete gutters, retaining walls, and basements are other typical applications.

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Bituroll Waterproofing Solutions Are Safe And Reliable

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