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Waterproof swimming pools

Waterproof swimming pools, it is recommended to use epoxy-cement systems as they create a solid barrier against counter pressure as well as a resistant layer. Solvent-free elastic waterproofing resins protect the surface in a great way, preserving it from the aggressive action of chlorine and atmospheric agents.

Bitumen Maintenance

Sustainability in Waterproofing: New Approach

It is a fundamental part of the company’s mission to develop and implement a new approach to the construction sector. The combination of chemical products on one side and technology on the other side has allowed the development of effective

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Prepare and restore substrates before waterproofing

It is necessary to uniform the substrates using innovative rapid setting mortars which can be used in extreme environmental conditions. To prepare and restore substrates before waterproofing, and achieve maximum results, is to use solvent-free systems.

bituminous membranes

Repair damaged bituminous membranes

Among the best products that we can use to repair damaged bituminous membranes, there are adhesive sealants without solvents, levelling pastes, water-based bituminous membranes and liquid membranes that reflect sun rays. The waterproofing action of bituminous membranes on flat roofs can be compromised by several factors, some of which are described

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Bitumen in Roofing: Keeping you Covered

Given the significant influence that bitumen has on the qualities of the end product, it is essential to have a high quality, stable bitumen supply to achieve product consistency. Polymer modification increases the bitumen’s elasticity at both low and high temperatures and results in increased joint strength. It also makes it possible to use softer bitumen and therefore improve the ageing resistance and low temperature.

Roof Waterproofing

Energy Efficiency of Cool Roofs Measured

Cool roofs have the ability to reflect sunlight and repel heat because the roofs are prepared, covered or coated with materials that have special characteristics. Minimizing thermal impact on the microclimate and on the local environment. Modern cool roofs include highly reflective thermoplastic and liquid-applied membranes and coatings that provide a full range of benefits over a long service life.

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