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Bituminous Membrane

Who We Are

We are dedicated to giving customers the best range of waterproofing products, solutions, and support, in conjunction with professional advice and expert service.

We are one of the leading and experienced waterproofing suppliers and we want to help you and your business to achieve the results you need. We are dedicated to providing the best service, the highest quality waterproofing membranes at the lowest price. We care for the well-being of people whether they use our products or live in the structure made using our products.

A full range of building, construction and renovation solutions. Our solutions combine products with relevant services, resulting from an innovation process that closely involves customers in order to guarantee efficiency, quality and competitiveness. We strive for excellence in delivering our services and we develop dedicated services for each of our customer groups in order to better meet their needs.

Our Services

Services to help in the selection
Services to help in the selection
Services to facilitate purchase and their details
Services to facilitate purchase and their details
Services to facilitate the use of our solutions
Services to facilitate the use of our solutions
Services to foster business relation
Services to foster business relation

We Proud

Our Vision

To deliver high quality, durable waterproofing solutions to customers around the world.

Our Mission

We diligently pursue the truth and knowledge inspired by our clients, values and guided by the well trained professional staff on their respective field of activity.

Our Values

Applying ethics, discipline, honesty, trust, creativity, team work, surety, speed, and accuracy in achieving performance.

What We do

We search for the right relationship, right product, at the right value. Relationships with suppliers are managed by the owners who have made a significant mark on the trading market by applying proven methodologies and leading edge information’s. Our aim to help our customers save time, feel confident and comfortable, is successful in their work and grow their business. We have provided waterproofing solutions to the construction, engineering, mining, agricultural, landscaping, project management maintenance, equine and marine industries to name just a few.

Whether it's a large commercial project or a residential retaining wall, every waterproofing project is different and we ensure that our clients receive the best solution with complete professional application. Our projects cross the range of commercial and industrial applications and include remedial waterproofing, water leaks and property management work. Our company continuously strives to improve and expand its product range.Waterproofing achieves its exceptional level of service through a strong local presence, smart logistics solutions and a team of highly motivated employees.

Our protective systems and repair materials can help prolong the life of structures way beyond their original design. Our network of offices, partnerships and joint ventures span the globe ensuring prompt and timely flow of trade intelligence which provides us the ability to act swiftly and efficiently to our customers’ requirements.

Why choose us

  • Competitive pricing
  • Added value
  • Logistical support
  • Reliability in outsourcing
  • Consultation
  • Business support
  • Operational excellence
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