In the event of unexpected potholes, cracks, dents, or damage to pavement, having the best solution available is vital. Cold asphalt has emerged as a lifesaver in emergency repairs in the UAE and the Middle East, where high temperatures are a nightmare for pavements. Bituroll, one of the top service providers of the UAE, has the most impressive product, known as Nurphalt. This product is revolutionizing the rules for fast and effective pavement repairs. In this article, we'll offer expert guidance regarding emergency repairs that require cold asphalt.

Understanding Cold Asphalt

Cold asphalt, commonly known as cold mix asphalt, is a plethora of substances used to repair asphalt surfaces and concrete. As opposed to hot mix asphalt, which requires high temperatures for installation, cold asphalt can be used under all climates, making it ideal for repairs in emergencies. Bituroll's Nurphalt has been specially made to resist the harsh conditions in the UAE and will provide longevity of the result.

Assess the Damage

The first step when handling urgent repairs using cold asphalt is accurately assessing the damage's severity. Knowing the severity of the injury is vital, whether it's just a tiny pothole or an extensive portion of damaged pavement. Cleaning up loose dirt and creating the area for work could be required for more significant or severe damage before placing cold asphalt.

Gather the Necessary Tools

Before beginning the repair process, ensure you've got all the equipment and supplies. To use cold asphalt, you'll require:

  • Cold Asphalt Mix: Bituroll's Nurphalt is the most popular selection for durable repairs.
  • Shovel: to remove debris and make a transparent floor.
  • Tamping Tool: To compact the hard asphalt.
  • Safe Gear: Prioritize security by wearing safety gloves, glasses, and the appropriate clothes.

Application of Cold Asphalt
  • Clean the area: Utilize the shovel to remove any loose dirt and scrub the extent of damage thoroughly.
  • The Surface should be moistened: Moisten the Surface by soaking it in water. This allows the cold asphalt to adhere more effectively.
  • Fill in the hole: Fill the void with Nurphalt into the hole or damaged part. Fill it up to make up for the compaction.
  • Compress the Asphalt: Utilize the tamping tools to compact the asphalt evenly. This creates a solid and even surface.
  • Taper the edges: The edges should be tapered off the area that has been repaired so that it blends seamlessly into the rest of the pavement.

Allow for Curing Time

Following the application of cold asphalt, giving it time to cure fully is vital. The curing process could take some days or more, depending on the conditions. During this period, you should avoid heavy traffic around the repair area to achieve maximum results.

Final Tips for Success
  • Active Maintenance: Although cold asphalt is a good option for repairs in an emergency, Proactive Maintenance is a great way to avoid these problems. Make sure to check your pavement regularly for wear and wear and tear.
  • Bituroll's expertise: Bituroll, a prominent supplier of Nurphalt products in the UAE, is a top provider of high-end products, professional advice, and support. Contact their customer service team to get any assistance that you require.


Making repairs in emergencies using cold asphalt is an affordable and reliable method to keep your road in the United Arab Emirates brutal weather. Bituroll's Nurphalt can be your reliable partner for quick repairs. Be sure to evaluate the issue as well as gather the necessary tools. Put the asphalt in the correct place, and then let it set. With these helpful techniques, you'll get an even and sturdy pavement that can withstand the wear and tear of weather.

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