APP Bitumen Membrane

Waterproofing is done to make the building water-resistant from the roof to the basement to prevent water from entering the structure. A structure is protected from internal water damage by the use of waterproofing materials like APP Bitumen Membrane. Additionally, it maintains the structure's dryness and lowers the humidity in damp spaces like bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens.

Why waterproofing is necessary?

Due to the high quantity of groundwater in the UAE, basement and foundation waterproofing is a need. The high amount of groundwater exerts constant pressure on the basement walls and floor. If the building has cracks or improper waterproofing, pressure will drive water into the crevices, causing damage to the building and the growth of fungus, mold, or dampness on the walls. Similar to this, outflow or leaks from the ceilings may be caused by rain or blocked water on the roof. This occurs as a result of the bitumen coating or other roof waterproofing membrane being installed improperly.

What are the types of waterproofing?
  • Cementitious waterproofing: The majority of waterproofing jobs include damp areas, thus this is the approach that is utilized the most frequently. This cementitious material is produced by several factories in the UAE. Most swimming pools utilize this kind of coating.
  • Bituminous water coating: It also goes by the name "asphalt coating." It is inappropriate for areas of the building that get direct sunlight.
  • Bituminous membrane waterproofing: It is available as a self-adhesive membrane and as a membrane that is applied using a torch. A liquid waterproofing system, however, possesses adaptable elastomeric qualities.
  • Polyurethane waterproofing: Flexing coating that is UV and weather-resistant appropriate for roofing.
  • Epoxy Waterproofing: The final coating has the customer's preferred color and is firm, smooth, and shining.
  • Combo Waterproofing: The waterproof coatings described in the aforementioned list are a mixture of them. It is used to get the best and most effective protection against moisture or humidity.

You should be aware that water can seriously harm your items, so take caution. If not addressed, the issue grows over time. Talk to waterproofing professionals like Bituroll if you are experiencing issues like seepage, mold, leaks, and cracks so that we may visit your property, assess the situation, and offer suggestions or a complete solution. Bitumen coating for concrete is the best option you have for waterproofing walls. The best feature of this membrane coating is that it is simple to fix tears or holes in the system. It is very robust and comes in rolls to make application easier and keep prices low.

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