In construction, endurance and long-term sustainability are crucial aspects. Construction projects, no matter how big or small, need an excellent foundation that can stand the rigors of the test of time. Bituroll's bitumen primer, also known as Nurprime, is an essential element that extends the life of your project because it provides the base for various applications.

Understanding Bituminous Primer

Bituminous primer, called Nurprime, made by Bituroll, is a unique method of preparing surfaces to apply bitumen-based products such as modified bitumen membranes, asphalt, and roofing products. The primer is crucial in ensuring the substances adhere well to the surface. This creates a powerful bond and, ultimately, a longer-lasting building.

Waterproofing Excellence

One of the main methods Nurprime improves the life span of your building is by making it more waterproof. If bituminous primer is put on the surface before installing waterproofing membranes, it forms a watertight, secure sealing. The barrier stops water from entering and is the most common cause of destruction of structures, deterioration, and expensive repair.

Corrosion Protection

The effects of corrosion can be devastating to construction, particularly in humid regions or exposed to corrosive elements. Bitumen primer, like Nurprime, is a protection shield that prevents corrosion by securing the substrate. It also prevents water and harmful substances from contacting structural elements.

Enhanced Adhesion and Bonding

Properly bonding the roofing materials or other waterproofing products is vital to ensure the long-term durability of the construction. Bituminous primers, like Nurprime, create a sturdy and lasting connection between the substrate and the materials being applied. It not only improves the structural strength but prolongs the life of the building.

Cost-Efficacy through Preservation

Intensifying the longevity of your building by using an oil-based primer is an efficient and economical method. Preventing water damage, corrosion, and material separation reduces the regular maintenance and repair requirement. That, in turn, will save you money in the long run and guarantees that your structure stays in top state of repair.

Versatile Applications

Bituroll's Nurprime isn't restricted to just one type of construction, and it can be utilized in many uses. If you're working on roads, roofing projects, bridge decks, or any other kind of structure that needs the protection and waterproofing of a system, Nurprime could be used to improve the strength and prolong the longevity of your project.

Easy Application and Compatibility

One of the main benefits of a bituminous prime such as Nurprime is its simplicity in application. It's compatible with many materials, such as metal, concrete, and wood. This makes it a flexible choice for a variety of building projects. The simple application procedure minimizes time spent on construction and cost.

Environmentally Responsible Solutions

Bituroll recognizes the importance of the environment. Nurprime, the bituminous primer they offer, has been made to be sustainable in its design. It's made using environmentally green practices and resources, which contribute to a more green and sustainable construction industry.

Partnership with Bituroll for a Longer Life

To ensure the durability of your construction project, working with a reputable and dependable supplier such as Bituroll is essential. They have a strong reputation for excellence and creativity; Bituroll offers bituminous primer solutions such as Nurprime and an abundance of experience and expertise in helping you reach your goals in construction.


The bottom line is that using a bituminous primer like Bituroll's Nurprime will significantly increase the life span of your construction project. It is a waterproofing product that provides better adhesion, corrosion protection, and cost efficiency, making it an essential component of every construction project. When you select environmentally-friendly methods and cooperate with specialists in this field, you will be assured that your projects last for an extended test of time and are durable and long-lasting for many long time to follow. Rely on Bituroll's experience and Nurprime for a sturdy base for your building.

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