Bitumen Paint
Many reasons to use the Bitumen Solutions

Bituminous paints are made of bitumen or coal tar which is broken up in mineral soul or naphtha. Bitumen is otherwise called black-top, which is tacky, dark, and exceptionally thick fluid or semi-strong type of oil. Bitumen Paint is a sort of bituminous covering item that gives weatherproofing and consumer protection from the components. It has great glue properties. A bituminous covering is utilized to fabricate a fume confirmation and defensive coat as per its plan and polymerization grade

Bitumen coating for wood is solid, waterproof, sturdy, and affordable. It opposes producing cruel synthetics and UV light. It likewise shields surfaces from rust.

Roles of Bitumen Paint

Bituroll is utilized as a waterproofing layer on the following structures

  • Bituminous Paints are soluble safe subsequently it is utilized for submerged construction, climate ensuring steelwork, waterproofing, wood, concrete, and consumable water tanks.
  • It is additionally utilized for any outside metalwork and ironwork, for example, fire get-away, stepping stools, drains, downpipes, railings, fences, doors, etc. It covers ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and other development materials, even in marine conditions.
  • It is an adaptable covering arrangement that can be utilized both above and underground.

Substrate Preparation
bitumen coating steel

Similarly, as with every surface covering, the surface's readiness is of extraordinary significance and will impact the level of attachment got and the existence of the bitumen coating steel. All surfaces should be sound, stable and completely spotless, and dry. Metal surfaces ought to be wire-brushed to eliminate rust.

Where long haul insurance is required, an underlying treatment of a rust-inhibitive item, for example, red lead or zinc phosphate, ought to be utilized. Free or rankled paint ought to be taken out, as should tar-based paint frameworks. New electrified surfaces ought to be roughened with a wire brush or treated with an exclusive engraving preliminary. Permeable surfaces ought to be prepared with Nurprime-WB.


Bitumen paint is prepared for use and ought not to be diminished. Mix completely before use. Apply by brush or splash. At least two layers of paint ought to be applied. The principal coat should be permitted to dry (ordinarily 2-4 hours relying upon climate conditions) before the subsequent coat is applied

Bitumen primer and so forth: since concrete and some stone surfaces might be permeable, an underlying preliminary layer of Nurprime groundwork should be applied.

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