modified bitumen membrane
Everything you need to know about Bitumen Membrane

Bitumen, commonly known as asphalt, is a thick, sticky, black liquid or semi-solid petroleum product. It is frequently utilized in construction due to its waterproofing properties. A modified bitumen membrane is ideal for waterproofing ceilings, below-ground structures, flyovers, and other structures. One of the most intriguing building materials is bituminous waterproofing membranes.

Bituroll offers a wide range of waterproofing services for both commercial and residential projects. Our waterproofing specialists assist architects and applicators with material compatibility, system performance, and installation assistance, making our services the finest in town. Let's take a closer look at the bitumen membrane and the characteristics that distinguish it from other waterproofing materials.

What is a Bitumen Membrane?

Bitumen Membranes are elastomeric waterproofing membranes made from a rich blend of bitumen and chosen polymers mixed to provide good heat and UV resistance, as well as waterproofing characteristics. A waterproofing membrane is a thin, water-tight covering of material that is applied to a surface. Water cannot travel through this layer since it is continuous.

A modified bituminous membrane is suitable for treating cracks and moving with the building since it is sturdy, resilient, tear-resistant, and stretchy. If the membrane is going to be exposed to the sun, it has to be UV resistant. The membrane should be able to bend and turn up and over walls and other building elements, and it should be able to take any shape it is put over.

What are the features of the Bitumen membrane?
  • Highly resistant to water and vapor pressure.
  • They are extremely flexible and can retain their actual shape when being exposed to stress.
  • They are highly resistant to water-borne chemicals, and installation of their manufactured rolls is very easy.
  • They are a premium solution to roof waterproofing as they are easy to repair.
  • They also possess resistance to heat, UV rays, and other unpleasant weather conditions.

The rate of water absorption is the most significant feature of waterproofing material. The satisfaction rate is below 4%, which is why we deliver our goods and services under industry standards. We also have a 100% track record of providing the best quality waterproofing services.

We have the best three bitumen membrane and they are bituroll, bituroll-s, and bituroll-p. These are modified bitumen waterproofing membranes made from a blend of different rich bitumen providing thermal stability at atmospheric temperature and flexibility at very low temperatures. For more specifications, you can check out the website and contact us directly.

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