Bitumen liquid membrane
Everything you need to know about Bitumen liquid membrane and its applications

The bitumen liquid membrane coating is a process in which a layer of bitumen is applied to the surface of an object. The coating can be done for several reasons, including to protect the surface from the harsh elements, make it more durable, or give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The coating process is relatively simple:

  • The surface to be coated is cleaned and prepared.
  • A layer of bitumen is applied to the surface, spraying or brushing it on.
  • The bitumen is allowed to dry and cure.

Bitumen coating can be applied on multiple surfaces, including wood, plastic, concrete, metal like steel, etc. .

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Bitumen coating on wood

Wood is a porous material which is susceptible to damage from moisture and pests. To protect it, many homeowners opt for bitumen coating. Bitumen coating for wood is a waterproofing material applied to the wood's surface. It helps create a barrier between the wood and the elements, preventing moisture and pests from penetrating the wood. Bitumen coating is a relatively simple process. The bitumen must be reapplied every few years to maintain its effectiveness. However, it is a relatively low-maintenance option for protecting wood from moisture and pests.
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Bitumen coating on steel

When it comes to protecting steel from the harsh environment to prevent it from rusting, bitumen coating steel is one of the most effective solutions. The coating creates a barrier that helps prevent rust and corrosion while protecting against the build-up of dirt and debris. In addition, bitumen coating can also help insulate steel, keeping it more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter.
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Bitumen coating on concrete

A bitumen coating helps protect the concrete from weathering and other damaging elements. In addition, the bitumen coating creates a barrier on the surface of the concrete, preventing water and other materials from seeping in and causing damage. The bitumen coating also helps prevent mold and mildew growth on the surface of the concrete.
There are several benefits to bitumen coating:
  • It can extend the life of an object by protecting it from the elements.
  • It can make an object more durable, as bitumen is a very tough material.
  • It can give an object a more pleasing appearance, as the bitumen can be made to look like various materials, including wood, stone, or metal.

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